Kundalini Yoga



Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is known as the yoga of awareness. Kundalini yoga consists of techniques that can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age or physical ability.  It meets you where you are. It strengthens the body and promotes flexibility.  It activates and circulates the energy flowing through the body. This promotes relaxation, self-healing, personal and spiritual growth. A complete system, it includes posture, breath, mental focus, music, mantra, visualization, meditation and deep relaxation. Meditation is an integral part of the practice. Its effect it structural alignment, a strong nervous system, and a balanced glandular system. The experience of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is calming, energizing, elevating, and expansive. A regular practice promotes health and a profound sense of well being.

Hatha Yoga


Hatha yoga is a physical yoga.  It focuses on breath (pranayama), poses (asana), alignment and meditation as a means of achieving physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Props such as yoga blocks, yoga straps, and blankets are used to support the body in posture.  The combination of breath, movement, and alignment builds heat in the body, releasing stress, tension, and toxicity, and increases overall strength and flexibility.

Small Group Sessions

We offer private/small group yoga classes by appointment. This is a great option for beginners that wish to have private training before attending classes, or for those that wish to deepen their practice and/or work on specific goals. We also offer special gatherings and fundraisers.  Schedule a class for your office, moms club, girl scouts, or any special occasion.

Workshops and Special Events


We host regular gong meditations and other yoga workshops and special events. For information on workshops, go to the home page and click on the red button at the end of the page "click here to register & prepay",  this will bring you to our live schedule where you can click on the "workshops" tab at the top of the page. 

New students

30 days unlimited
classes for $30.

A great way to try out different classes and teachers, and really get a feel for a yoga practice.

  • Single class    $16
  • 5 class card     $65
  • 10 class card   $120
  • 10 class card on auto-pay contract    $110
  • 10 class card (seniors, over 65 & students)   $105
  • Monthly unlimited  $125
  • Monthly unlimited on auto-pay contract  $110 per month
  • 3 month unlimited    $325
  • 1 year unlimited      $1100
  • Special Needs & Community Yoga classes  $6

All regular yoga class cards have an expiration date of 6 months

Private Yoga Classes

  • Single class   $65      
  • 5 classes   $294      
  • 10 classes   $525

Small group classes and private parties are priced based on event.

Become a Kundalini Yoga Instructor!

Join us in the fall of 2018 for our KRI Level One Teacher Training Program at Innerworks. Level One certification runs September 15th 2018 through May 5th 2019, meeting 11 weekends over this time period.  This course is an amazing journey of self-discovery, service, and becoming a teacher. Free information sessions will be held on Saturday, July 21st 11am-12pm, Saturday, August 18th 11am-12pm, and Wednesday, August 29th 7:30-8:30pm.  Contact us to be put on the list of interest at 909-985-3389.