InnerWorks Wellness Center is happy to offer Reiki. We host monthly Reiki Circles (by donation). You are welcome to come, interact, enjoy and experience for yourself the loving and healing qualities of Reiki through a one-on-one mini treatment. In addition, we offer this amazing healing treatment as individual sessions to our clients. Individual sessions are by appointment only.  To reserve an appointment, please call 909-985-3389 or email us at

About Reiki

A Japanese form of energy healing, Reiki- Rei Ki - translates to Universal Life Energy, which surrounds and circulates through all living organisms. When the flow of this energy is weak or blocked in the body it can result in ill health and emotional imbalances. This can be the result from anything to an actual physical injury to negative thought patterns that manifested into a mental, emotional or physical ailment.

A Reiki treatment- which lasts for about one hour- consists of the practitioner channeling life force energy, which flows out of their body and through their palms to the recipient through systematic hand placements. This positive flow of energy helps to break down, release and lift away negative or debilitating energy and restore health and balance to the body once again.

The purpose and intent of the Reiki Practitioner is to be a pure conduit of healing energy and unconditional love which allows the patient’s energetic body to draw the necessary healing energy and distribute it according to its needs so it may heal itself.

The resulting feeling is one of deep peace and relaxation and the effects will last long after the session has ended. Everyone’s experience of Reiki is different. Reiki is not a religion and it requires no particular belief system to work, just an open heart and a willingness to heal. A true healer is one who gently guides others to self healing: acting merely as a channel or facilitator for light and love to flow through.

                        From Reiki- “A Torch in daylight” Karyn Mitchell Ph.D.s