Pilates Method

Pilates is a unique fitness method developed by Joseph Pilates in 1926.  It is a routine of exercise and physical movement designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body. With practice of specific exercises paired with breath patterns, Pilates has proven itself invaluable not only as a fitness endeavor, but also as an important addition to professional sports training and physical rehabilitation of all kinds. The fundamentals of Pilates are Control, Concentration, Precision and Breath.

You will firm the abdominal muscles and strengthen the lower back. Muscle tone and flexibility all over the body will increase remarkably and postural alignment will improve. The exercises and breathing techniques will also help to eliminate toxins from the body and release deep seated stress helping you to achieve greater mental clarity and inner calm. As your body begins to function as a whole again you will experience increased energy and greater sense of overall wellness. Additional benefits are better postural alignment, improved balance & coordination and increased bone density.

 Pilates is suitable for anyone looking for an effective, safe, non- impact workout. The exercises are progressive, and become more complex and challenging as the client advances. It is a safe and effective system of exercise that can be adapted to each individual’s level of proficiency regardless of age, gender, or level of fitness.

Private Pilates Sessions


A one-on-one session.. Each session will focus on your specific needs and fitness goals. Sessions include mostly Pilates equipment exercises and some traditional mat work exercises, This is your time to get the individual attention you deserve and make the most of your valuable time spent on your fitness!

Sessions consist of 2-3 clients with one instructor. All sessions must be coordinated and scheduled with a partner(s). If you lose your partner(s), you are required to upgrade to private sessions. We do our best to pair you up with other studio clients that need a partner.

We use high quality Balanced Body equipment - Reformers, Wunda Chair, Barrel and Trap Table. We have a variety of program options to meet the individual needs of our clients. All equipment sessions are by appointment only.

Group Pilates Sessions

New Student Special

3 Private Pilates sessions for $119, or 6 Private sessions for $199

Pilates Equipment Prices

Group Sessions

  • Single Session  -  $35 (per client)
  • 5 Group Series  -  $149
  • 10 Group Series  -  $286
  • 15 Group Series  -  $410

All sessions are 55 minutes and are to be
prepaid on or before time of appointment. 

Private Sessions

  • Single Session -  $65
  • 6 Private Intro Series (New Clients Only)  -  $199
  • 3 Private Intro Series (New Clients Only)  -  $119
  • 5 Private Series  -  $294
  • 10 Private Series  -  $525
  • 15 Private Series  -  $693

Pilates Mat Class Prices

  • Monthly unlimited  -  $125
  • Monthly unlimited on auto-pay contract  -  $110 per month
  • 3 month unlimited  -  $325
  • 1 year unlimited  -  $1100

All purchases have a six month expiration.

  • Single class  -  $16
  • 5 class card  -  $65
  • 10 class card  -  $120
  • 10 class card on auto-pay contract  -  $110
  • 10 class card (seniors, over 65 & students)  -  $105

Cancellation Policy

24-hour notice is appreciated when canceling an appointment. If 24-hr notice is not possible, please call your instructor directly by 5:00pm the prior day to avoid a late cancellation charge. Exceptions can be made in the case of emergency situations. This allows your instructor adequate time to fill the open time slot.

Refund Policy

All prepaid sessions/packages are NON-REFUNDABLE. We are unable to make exceptions to this policy. Please choose your purchases wisely based on your availability, and the number of sessions you will be completing each week.